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When should you invest in a marketing agency?

Whether you’re a single entrepreneur, own a small business, or even a large corporation, investing within a marketing agency or consultant has come across your mind. As companies expand, more time, resources, and people are needed to maintain comfortable operating levels.

Sales and profits keep a company alive. While a business becomes larger, more energy is spent on daily tasks that don’t necessarily bring new customers and growth. Because of this, it’s suggested that at least 50% of small businesses hire a marketing agency or consultant.

When should you consider investing in a marketing agency?

  • Sales are sluggish and non-forecastable
  • Marketing isn’t being achieved adequately
  • The business is struggling to obtain quality leads
  • There isn’t a marketing strategy currently in place

When a business encounters either of the above, it’s a good tell-tale sign that they need to hire a marketing consultant or agency.

Making the preliminary investment into these services will undoubtedly offer many benefits. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for marketing improvements, or a large organisation, everyone can benefit.

Why should you invest in a marketing agency or consultant?

If your business is encountering any of the above situations, it’s a clear indication that you should begin considering a marketing consultant or agency. To help you understand further, here are some reasons why:

  • Cost efficiency – Many fear hiring this service because of budgeting reasons. However, it’s the complete opposite. A well-rounded, professional agency or consultant will focus on decreasing your marketing spend and increasing your return on investment (ROI).
  • Expert supervision – Marketing yourself? Or have an untrained employee performing this style of work? It’s causing more harm than good if either doesn’t have adequate expertise within the field. Hiring an individual or company that has comprehensive knowledge in this sector will help improve brand exposure, sales, and other business goals for a fraction of the price.
  • Scalability – As companies expand, a larger workforce is needed to support the growth. Outsourcing can offer scalability at an affordable rate instead of employing this service and increasing office space.
  • Time – Undeniably, the phrase “time is money” is accurate. Without sufficient time, it’s impossible to construct essential business practices such as planning, forecasting, reports, and more. Therefore, paying a marketing consultant or agency to undergo your marketing can provide you with that much-needed time to focus on your business.

The reasons why you should be investing are substantial and never-ending. What’s mentioned above is a tiny fraction of what’s offered. Because of this, it’s a business move which certainly won’t lead you to disappointment.

If you’re considering making the initial investment into a marketing agency, we recommend contacting us. We’re a marketing agency based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, that’s helped many eager business owners achieve their goals.

We can help you with marketing, HubSpot implementation, sales enablement, and much more. If you need a hand, get in touch.

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