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Inbound 2022: HubSpot CRM Customisation

In this article, and all the ones linked below, we're summarising everything you need to know about the HubSpot updates and features that were announced at Inbound 2022.

Inbound is HubSpot's annual user and partner conference, where they unveil the latest and greatest in their product offerings for the year ahead. Held in Boston this week (7th - 9th September 2022), speakers include President Barack Obama, Sam Parr and HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

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  1. Key Takeaways from Inbound 2022

Key takeaway from Inbound 2022

The world is suffering from a crisis of disconnection. We have disconnected data and systems, disconnected customers, and disconnected people.

HubSpot's solution is simple. A Connected CRM platform that's more than just software, and that lets you create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.


Updates from HubSpot's Inbound 2022 Event

Buidling a connected CRM platform is key for HubSpot for 2022/23, and the features being announced lean into that theme.

Huge Updates to help make HubSpot your own

CRM Customisation is something that HubSpot....

Right Sidebar Configuration

Available in Professional & Enterprise
Release date: In BETA

Admins can optimize the right sidebar for reps by showing or hiding card sections. Customers can configure conditional logic to show only relevant cards to different teams.

Customers can display internal data (e.g. chart with page views, table with customer summary data, button to launch a workflow) or external data (e.g. data from internal systems, Google Sheets, Amplitude chart). Customer developers will use developer platform tools to build in the custom tab.

New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons

Available in Free
Release date: NOW LIVE & In BETA

Log new types of customer connection activities manually including SMS, LinkedIn Message, WhatsApp, and Physical Mail. (In Beta by INBOUND).

Configure which activity buttons appear in the record highlight card and reorder them for quicker access. (Live by INBOUND)

Records Overview Tab

Available in Free (more features in Professional+)
Release date: In BETA

See critical information on a new overview tab on all records. Pro+ customers can configure the layout and which properties are shown such as property highlights, a recent activities card, and associations tables. These customers can also configure conditional logic to show different data to different teams. With Service & Sales Hub Enterprise, developers can create custom cards with development tools to feature on the custom tab.

Custom Record Tab

Available in Sales Professional & Enterprise
Release date: In BETA

In addition to the Overview tab, Sales and Service Enterprise developers can create custom cards with development tools to feature in an additional custom tab if they need more space. Create custom cards to interact with internal or external data: a button to trigger a HubSpot workflow, property list of external ERP data, or statistics with market trends.

CRM Card Builder

Available in Sales & Service Enterprise
Release date: In BETA

We now offer developers the ability to craft new CRM cards that will make it easier for CRM users to do their jobs.

The new CRM Card Builder tool provides an interactive interface for developers to easily develop the necessary JSON payloads to deploy custom CRM cards in the middle panel of the HubSpot platform.

Moreover, developers can also use these CRM cards on custom objects or display custom object data over other records.

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