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Inbound 2022: Sales & CRM Overview

In this article, and all the ones linked below, we're summarising everything you need to know about the HubSpot updates and features that were announced at Inbound 2022.

Inbound is HubSpot's annual user and partner conference, where they unveil the latest and greatest in their product offerings for the year ahead. Held in Boston this week (7th - 9th September 2022), speakers include President Barack Obama, Sam Parr and HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

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  1. Key Takeaways from Inbound 2022

Key takeaway from Inbound 2022

The world is suffering from a crisis of disconnection. We have disconnected data and systems, disconnected customers, and disconnected people.

HubSpot's solution is simple. A Connected CRM platform that's more than just software, and that lets you create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.


Updates from HubSpot's Inbound 2022 Event

Buidling a connected CRM platform is key for HubSpot for 2022/23, and the features being announced lean into that theme.

Sales & CRM HubSpot Updates

Inbound Calling Improvements to HubSpot

Available in Sales & Service Hub Starter+
Release date:  NOW LIVE

Provide reps with unique phone numbers that can be used to place outbound and receive inbound calls right from and to their personal phone - without exposing their personal number.

Even better, record, transcribe, and coach based on the content of these calls with transcriptions live in the CRM.

Note: HubSpot-provided numbers for inbound calling are now available in the US, UK, and Canada).

Custom Goals for Sales & Service Teams

Available in Sales & Service Hub Enterprise
Release date: In BETA

Custom goals help you easily set, track, and manage performance by setting goals unique to your business. Keep goals updated by automatically by reflecting any changes made to targets in the progress bar. Align stakeholders with notifications based on setting, achieving, exceeding, and missing goals to drive better transparency and shared accountability.

Improved Deal Management

Available in Sales & Service Hub Professional+
Release date: NOW LIVE

The easier deals are to manage, the more likely they are to close - which is why we’ve invested in better deal management functionality. Improvements to forecasting and deal management include: a new goals app (Live at INBOUND), team goals (Live at INBOUND), and better integrated forecasting and deal management experiences for reps (Live at INBOUND).

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