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Easy numbering for HubSpot deals, tickets, companies, and contacts.

Sequential is a HubSpot App that installs into your portal, enabling you to easily add a Sequential number to your HubSpot records.

Powered by Workflows, you'll need either HubSpot Marketing Professional, HubSpot Service Professional, or HubSpot Sales Professional to use Sequential.

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Sequential is a one-stop solution for automatically adding a sequential number to your HubSpot records.

So how does it work?

If your first deal is 0001. When you create a new deal, it will be numbered 0002. It's that simple! Plus, you can customise your starting number so that you can seamlessly continue from your current process!

You can add a prefix to your number too, such as UNM-0001. Perfect for easy referencing with your internal teams and current processes.

As Sequential is driven by HubSpot Workflows*, you can even determine which of your records get numbered using your own filters and enrollment triggers.

Please note, you will need access to Workflows for Sequential to work.

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Sequential allows you to use any prefix. They can be different for each object.
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Sequential Integrates with these HubSpot features:

  • Company records
  • Contact management
  • Deals
  • Tickets
  • Contact management 
  • Workflows
Custom System Builds
  • Deals
  • Workflows
  • Ticketing
  • Workflows
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Integration Features

Add a Sequential number to deals, tickets, contacts, or companies.

Fed up of referring to records in your HubSpot by their HubSpot ID? Sequential allows you to add your own number to each object and keep things simple.

Refer to records by your own number instead of their HubSpot ID

Add your own prefix to your number

Want to start your number with your own prefix? Sequential makes it easy to personalise the number format.

Add your won prefixes to each object

Start from any number you like

If you've been manually adding numbers so far, don't worry, you can start from any number you like and seamlessly automate your process from now on. 

Already have records with your own IDs? No problem. You can start from any number.

Search by your new number

When creating your property, select to add it to your searchable properties. This way, your team can quickly find and access your records at the click of a button. 

Set your number as searchable for easy filtering within HubSpot.
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Pricing chart with 4 packages. Every package comes with, Access to, deal, contact, ticket and company numbering. Free has up to 20 records numbered per month, Pro which is £14 per month and has up to 500 records numbered per month, Enterprise which is £25 per month and has has up to 1000 records numbered per month, Bespoke which is £50 per month and has over 1000 records numbered per month
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Customer Reviews

Sophie Avatar
Sophie Collins
Electrical Electronic Manufacturing

Finally a solution for adding Sequential numbers!

Super easy to install - make sure you read the step-by-step guide. I got a little ahead of myself and just added the app and expected it to work! (doh) but went back and followed the guide now working as I would expect.
What problem are you trying to solve? Adding sequential numbers to HubSpot Tickets
What do you like? Free for less than 20 actions a month - perfect for us. Super easy-to-follow install instructions
What do you dislike? So far none!
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