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The Top HubSpot Apps to install in 2024

HubSpot already has a wealth of features which it's constantly updating to ensure it provides an easily accessible user interface and can carry out the majority of your CRM needs. Having said that, if you want the bells and whistles experience, plugins can really help customise your HubSpot portal and there are lots of clever people who have thought about the specific bugbears out there and created ways to solve them.   

1-Tick Tock Today by hapily

Kicking off our list,  we have Tick Tock Today, this nifty app ensures you will have today's date on any standard and/or custom objects. Previously to do so you needed to orchestrate workflows, so to have this available just makes life so much easier. Furthermore, it has the bonus knock on effect of greater visibility on objects such as the time they've spent in your CRM and fully exploring the 'time between' calculation.

It adds today's date to a property on each object. That's it.

You get one object date stamped in your free trial and for such an easy time-saver, why not?

2-OrgChartHub by OrgChartHub Ltd

With over 5,000+ installs, OrgChartHub is a Goliath when it comes to popularity with HubSpot users and we can see why! When it comes to prospecting, your sales team needs to know who plays which role within the company they have marked as a lead. There's no point selling a great pitch to the wrong person!

Now you can see exactly who you are working with

OrgChartHub, allows you to create and store on file within HubSpot charts showing how each role within your target lead interacts and makes managing these relationships far smoother, so now you won't be having to ask your coworker "Oh, what does she do for them again?".

3. Sequential by Unmatched

Not meaning to toot our own horn or anything...

HOWEVER; we're pretty thrilled with our first ever app Sequential! Sequential does what it says: it adds sequential numbers to your HubSpot records to make internal tracking more specific to your company. In place of using HubSpot codes, because who wants to do that?, you can choose your own numbered system and even utilise prefixes to ensure interdepartmental wires aren't getting crossed.

Fed up of referring to records in your HubSpot by their HubSpot ID? Sequential allows you to add your own number to keep things simple.

As with all of these apps, a straightforward fix to a straightforward problem, making your life easier at the same time.

4-GeoMapper by OrgChartHub Ltd

Another great integration for people who don't like getting bogged down in heavy and unecessary data. GeoMapper provides you with  a map, pinpointing exactly where all your contacts and companies are situated. 

See where your customers and prospects are located

As someone who appreciates visual learning, I love this and how it situates your data out in the real world instead of abstract figures in your CRM system.

5-Currency-R8 by Pacific Marketing Labs

This app updates your currencies within HubSpot, making sure your daily exchange rates remain the most up to date. It also makes converting deal amounts a doddle, as you do so without even having to leave HubSpot!

Currency-R8 sits right inside your HubSpot Deal screen

There are 150+ currencies available and the essential plan starts at just '$9.95'/month, making each request $0.10. Or if that doesn't float your boat, they're also offering a free trial which includes up to 50 requests. 

6-Company LookUp by Weave + Blend

As a UK-based agency ourselves, it's great to see UK based companies such as 'Weave + Blend', who help supercharge your leads via their data powered by the UK Companies house. Their data is: fresh, reliable and even has the capability of saving data into HubSpot properties. Allowing you more time to focus on connecting with your new leads. 

Search Companies and Contacts


7-Insycle by Insycle

Okay so this one is a firm favourite with Unmatched! Insycle is your data hygiene best friend, creating contacts and companies directly via verifiable company data. Additionally, it gives the ability to deduplicate data, great standardisation across free-text fields (goodbye typos!) and even solve your HubSpot/SalesForce syncing woes!

Format names, phone numbers, titles.

8-Hooked by Unmatched | Diamond HubSpot Partner

Another gem courtesy of *ahem* Unmatched! Hooked is  a webhook app allowing you to send webhooks from within HubSpot workflows.

Send your data over HTTPS or HTTP.

With industry standard protocols, no setup involved and the usage of HubSpot values and static ones too, Hooked is here to make your CRM experience smoother. Whether you're processing payments for products, subscriptions or any other type of transactions, we've got you covered.

9-Databox by Databox

Enter SMART Goals. Track performance to goal over time.

Databox acts as a menu with all of your analytics data available on a host of options including-but not limited to: mobile, desktop, television, HubSpot, Google Analytics and even Youtube. However, an especially exciting feature is the integration of social media meaning that where HubSpot was previously blind you now have more visibility!

10-Task Assistant by Growth Operations

Bulk Complete Tasks

This app makes dealing with your to-do-list a walk in the park. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by seemingly neverending tasks which you can't tick off, Task Assistant will do your cleaning, ensuring when tickets close that any open task is marked as complete, task owners reflect changes in record owners and automatically deleting any remaining sales tasks when deals are closed. 


HubSpot is specifically crafted to simplify your daily tasks. While it covers a wide range of functionalities, there are certain areas that may require further enhancement. This is where the mentioned plugins shine, not only bridging any knowledge gaps but also providing essential structural support to your system in ways that might surprise you. If you need a hand building your ideal HubSpot portal, Unmatched are a Diamond HubSpot Partner and can help!