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Digital Marketing Challenges of 2023 and How to Overcome Them for 2024

The world of digital marketing is vast, and so are the challenges faced by marketing teams. From keeping up with the latest trends to generating new ideas and leads, data analysis and personalising content, these challenges can make or break a marketing campaign and differ from year to year. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top digital marketing challenges of 2023 and the solutions, in and out of HubSpot, that can help overcome them for 2024.

1. Getting the Most out of Data 

We all understand the importance of collecting data, but that’s only half the battle; interpreting and then transforming it into actionable insights is a whole different challenge and one that many marketing teams know well and struggle with. 

Lost leads lead to lost opportunities which lead to missed sales, therefore, you must collect and review the most relevant data. Breaking down your analytics and analysing the figures is a great way to track what is and what isn’t working. HubSpot has a fantastic reporting portal where you can customise dashboards based on what is important to you. 


Alongside that, HubSpot’s social media and email analytics are also a good way to gain insights into the performance of your individual posts and campaigns.


2. Generating Quality Leads

We can agree that one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is generating quality leads. We’ve all seen the funnel and whilst the awareness stage may be simpler, converting leads into customers can be much harder. 

In our digital age, we’re flooded with content, so how can you break through the noise and resonate with your audience? We suggest reviewing what you post and the assets you use.  For example, does your website use CTAs? How easy are your forms to fill out? Are your ads reaching your intended audience? Are you using enough keywords? You want to be searchable and keep the user engaged, interested and intrigued. Lean heavily on your nurture campaigns and the language used across your landing page designs and social media marketing. 

HubSpot can house all your assets, as well as offer lead-generating tools to help you view your lead information and manage the follow-up tasks for your teams. 

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

If you’ve found it challenging to increase your brand awareness, you’re not alone. In theory, it should be simple, as brand awareness is equal to your audience being aware of your brand. However, it can be challenging. 

There are a variety of ways to help you increase your brand awareness. For example, make your brand recognisable. Whether that be creating a cheeky, playful tone of voice, telling a tale of how your business began or consistently using colours that fall in line with a style guide, these will help to give your brand a personality and help to make it more recognisable.

Alongside this, playing into the hands of social media algorithms can help your brand become more discoverable. The exposure from recommended content algorithms in particular can help your content be seen by users who don’t follow you yet. Each social platform will differ so research how you can optimise those relevant to you. 

HubSpot can help you keep an eye on and track your site traffic and social media engagement.

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4. Keeping up with the Latest Trends

From staying up-to-date with the latest TikTok dance routines to the trending audios on Instagram and hashtags on Twitter, the speed of social media is crazy - and the problem is that as soon as you’ve caught up the trends have already changed. 

Unfortunately, you might not have the budget to stay on top of every trend circulating, but what you can do to solve this is to choose the social platforms that make sense for your brand. There’s pressure to have every platform available, but less is more so focusing on what suits your brand will help to manage which trends to jump on and which to leave.

HubSpot helps you manage the social platforms you engage with - from social scheduling to social analytics and reporting, everything is under one roof. 

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5. Measuring Return on Investment (ROI)

Measuring the ROI of digital marketing can be a challenge, particularly for businesses that are new to the game. To overcome this, use tracking and analytics tools to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Set clear goals and KPIs to measure progress, and track conversion rates and user engagement to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Use A/B testing to optimise your campaigns over time and increase ROI. Again, all of this can be managed and tracked in one place with HubSpot. 

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6. Managing Reputation Online

Managing your brand’s online reputation has become a crucial part of digital marketing. Cancel culture is real; negative reviews or bad press can damage your reputation and affect customer loyalty. 

To overcome this, respond promptly and professionally to negative reviews or comments - especially on social media. Keep track of your messages and offer timely and helpful responses to help build loyalty and show transparency, authenticity and credibility.  

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and with the right strategy, skills, and tools, you'll be well-positioned to overcome the challenges of 2023 and beyond. If you are interested in finding out how HubSpot can help your business, the Unmatched team can empower yours and give you the confidence and knowledge to use HubSpot for growth in all areas of your business. Get in contact today and let us support you on your HubSpot journey